Though Playvox does offer default user roles, we also understand that not every Quality Assurance team is the same. You may create, customize, and change User Roles as well as determine permissions and scopes for roles that are specific to your company’s needs.

Playvox default roles include:

  • Super Admin

  • Admin

  • Analyst

  • Team Leader

  • Agent

For a more detailed explanation of each role, please see Basic Configuration Step 1: Adding Users.


In addition to the default roles, you can create a new Playvox role at any time by returning to the Roles Management page.

  1. Begin by clicking the green Create button at the top right of the Roles Management screen.

This provides you the options needed to Create a new role.

2. Give your new role a name and select the default role to start from. As stated under Select a default role to start: Starting from a default role will assign all of its existing permissions. If desired, you can customize them. The setting you choose determines the type of notifications the role will receive within all other sections of Playvox’s Platform.

For example, if you select Agent as the default role, the users assigned to this role will only receive the notifications associated with Agents unless explicitly modified in permissions (see below).

3. Click Accept.


You may also modify module permissions within a role (default OR newly created).

  1. From the Roles Management page, click on the name of the module within the role you’d like to modify. (example: peer review role>quality module)

2. Scroll through and make changes to any fields on the right side of the screen to modify permissions. Important to remember the role’s default permissions

(example: started from Agent default role).

Click Understanding permission levels at any time to review this information.

3. Click Save. A banner will appear at the top of your screen that says Changes

have been saved.

4. Repeat this process to modify permissions for any other modules within your

chosen role.

Change a user's role

Administrators can assign one of several roles to users. Below, we’ll show you how to edit or change user roles for users already added to the platform. If you’d like to review our User Types and their associated privileges, please click here.

  1. Click on the settings icon in the top right corner of the desktop and select User management.

This will take you to your User management page.

2. Click the edit button associated with the user whose role you’d like to change.

The user’s profile page appears on your screen.

3. Change the role of the user and click the save button on the bottom right of this page.

Congratulations! Your changes are now saved and the user has been assigned a new role.

Check out the list below for specific Permissions Settings for each product at Playvox.

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