Life is fluid. We get that. That’s why Playvox offers flexibility in the Variable Data Source functionality. Read more to learn all about it.

Why change the Data Source?

Perhaps you’ve been uploading all your data into a CSV before transferring that data to Campaigns through an FTP. Your company, however, now has the resources to connect directly to your data warehouse with an API. Yippee! Previously, this change would have required hours of manual labor. Cloning each individual report in your campaign would have been the only way to transfer your data. You also would have lost all your historical data. With this functionality, however, you can simply switch your data source directly from the interface, and all the hard work you’ve already done will stay!

Note: Playvox's Quality Data Source Variables may not be edited or deleted.

Step-by-step guide

  1. Go to Performance in the header. Then click KPIs.

2. From here, you’ll be brought to a list of your KPIs. Choose whether you’d like to

create a New KPI, or Edit an existing one. Both options will lead you to the same

screen where you will be prompted to fill in the required information, but for the

purpose of this demonstration, let’s click New.

3. You’ll be brought to a new screen where you can fill in information about your

new KPI. See this article if you need a refresher course on building KPIs. On the

bottom right, you’ll see your list of variables.

Note: Remember that the logos for FTP are orange diamonds, and the logos for API are turquoise clouds. This quick visual should speed up your search as you scroll. You may also simply type in the name of the variable in the search engine above the list.

4. From here, you will be able to switch between FTP and API. Just click Change

to FTP or Change to API!

Note: This option is not available for Playvox's Quality Data Source variables.

Changing from API to FTP

  1. Click Change to FTP next to your chosen API.

  2. You’ll receive the following dialogue box:

3. Click Save as a confirmation.

Important: After clicking Save, it is crucial that you remap your variables within your campaign. To do this, go to Performance > Campaigns. Click edit campaign under the Actions tab next to the campaign you need to remap. Then choose Map Variable to complete the process. For more detailed information on this step, please refer to this article.

Changing from FTP to API

  1. Click Change to API next to your chosen FTP.

  2. The following dialogue box will appear.

3. Click Save to confirm.

Note: If there are other campaigns that use the same variable that you will be switching from FTP to API, a notification will pop up with a list of those affected campaigns.

4. Click Save to confirm your choice.

No FTP Connectors?

In this article’s example, our page had FTP variables already set up and connected. If you do not yet have FTP variables and would like to, please ask your Customer Success Manager or email to help you create an FTP connector before trying to make any changes to the variable data source.

Great job! Your variable data source is now able to flow with the growth and evolution of your company.

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