You’re a smart cookie! You’ve realized just how important Performance Campaigns are to your rock star CX team. We’re happy you’re here.

What can a Performance Product do for my company?

We’ll start with the heavy hitters. First of all, Performance Campaigns can massively improve productivity within your organization by centralizing your data and giving your agents real-time visibility to “up their game”. This gives you freedom to focus on what’s really important - your team. With our Performance tool, you can set goals, add specific KPIs, and track your data. We even give you the option to integrate your Playvox Quality data directly into your campaigns! We’ll give you more details in the following Performance articles. As mentioned in our blog, “Performance tools make it easier to assess each employee’s individual progress and create targeted training programs to suit their weaknesses.”

How does it work?

  1. Users, Teams, and Campaigns: Begin by making sure you have added Users, and that those Users are associated with a Team. Remember that you can manage these users within the platform at any time. You may have already completed this step if you’re set up with our Quality Product. Here are those articles to get you started:

We use Teams in our Performance Campaigns, so this is a very important first step.

2. Data Source Connectors: Then, upload your data to Playvox from a third party

data source. This can be done using Playvox’s private API, or by utilizing an FTP

connector. Don’t worry! We’ll walk you through building that connection as well.

If at any time you’d like to change from FTP to API (or vice versa), just check out

this quick read. Flexibility is our jam.

3. KPIs: Here’s your chance to set clear goals and expectations within your team.

KPIs, remember, are the metrics that indicate how far along you are on reaching

your goals. Use our default Quality KPIs to help you get started, or create your

own. By creating the right KPIs for your company, you’ll not only be

collecting data, but you’ll also be able to see which coaching method would be

best for each individual agent. What do we mean by the right KPIs? Ultimately,

that’s up to you. But you can check out this blog on the 17 Most Effective KPIs to

Evaluate Customer Service Performance for some ideas.

4. Campaigns: Your campaign is the setup of the dashboard, reflecting the actual

performance of goals set. This then acts as a blueprint for what team members

should strive for on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis. Building

campaigns requires the Teams, Variables, and KPIs that were created in the

previous steps.

5. Management: After activating your campaigns, your data (from FTP or API) will

need to be loaded onto the platform. If using Playvox’s default Quality KPIs, the

data will automatically transfer from the Quality Data Source, so no need to worry

about uploads. Playvox will then reflect the specific data for each campaign on

Manager, Team Leader, and Agent dashboards.

That’s Performance in a nutshell! For an in-depth look at each step, click the links below.

Data Source Connectors

Creating Variables and KPIs

Creating Performance Campaigns

Loading Data into Performance Campaigns

Managing Your Performance Campaigns

Changing the Data Source Variable

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