What are Data Connectors?

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) allows you to transfer data on a consistent basis (we’ve found most people like to do this weekly), from point A to point B. The data is most often exported in Spreadsheet format. This may be your data connector of choice if your company has historically used this method, and you’re comfortable with the results.

With Playvox’s API (Application Programming Interface), your different systems can “talk” to each other resulting in real-time data exchange. This method requires a bit more setup initially, but may result in faster, more efficient data.

Whichever method you prefer, Playvox has you covered! And don’t forget, if at any point you want to change from FTP to API (or vice versa), it’s just a click away! Read this article for more information on Changing Your Data Variable Source.

And what is a Data Source?

A data source refers to the location where the utilized data originates from. Unlike a Data connector, this one is built right into the Playvox platform! You may upload data into campaigns via FTP or API Data Connectors, or with our Quality Data Source.

Playvox’s Quality Data Source is already built into the Performance campaign template and will automatically upload data from your Quality Reports should you choose to use it. You can read more about how this Data Source can impact your campaign in Creating Variables and KPIs.

Data Upload via FTP:

If you’d like to upload via FTP, you will need to set up an integration (Connector) to upload agent performance data as a CSV file to an FTP site. You can read about creating a connector later on in this article.

KPI data (or variables that make up a KPI) are consolidated into a single CSV file and uploaded manually or automatically. As we mentioned earlier, this typically occurs on a daily basis. Data may already exist in spreadsheet form, it may be consolidated in a data warehouse facility, or it could be pulled together as exports from one or more sources. This uploaded data will be associated with performance campaigns and user dashboards. Playvox provides a secure FTP site for data file uploads. However, you will need to create an FTP Connector between Playvox and your secure FTP site.

Note: Vendor-specific API connectors on our website to third party platforms such as Zendesk, TalkDesk, LiveChat, etc., are only to access customer interactions for quality evaluations. The integration connectors do not access performance data from those platforms for use in Performance campaigns. It is the FTP connector that is used in these cases.

Building the FTP Connector

  1. Go to the Settings Icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Select Integrations.

2. From the Integrations settings screen, click on the green NEW button in the upper right corner.

3. Select the FTP icon under Performance Connectors. This is the only option for

Performance Campaigns.

4. Fill out the following information. Host:Port is automatically assigned. Playvox

will provide you with User and Password before you begin this process. You

may provide a Name of your choice for this connector, the path to retrieve the

file found in the FTP client, and file name.

Note: Path is not required, but we recommend that you create a files directory (/files) to hold your data. Also, make sure that your .csv or .xlsx file name is the same every single time you upload your data into Playvox. Use a descriptive name to be able to find your spreadsheet easily.

5. Press Accept. We will confirm that the Connector is built, and it will be added

to your list of existing Connectors for future use.

Data Upload via Playvox API:

A connector for the private Playvox API is already available on your platform. You just need to select it in the next step - Creating KPIs. Your IT resource can help you configure connections to your data source platforms using our API. They can also find additional reference material on our API site at the following location:


You may also connect by using API variables when creating your campaign. Once your campaign is published and activated, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Performance > Campaigns

  2. Find the campaign you’ve created with API variables (by scroll or search)

  3. Hit the Actions button

  4. Select How to send data

A window will pop up with all the information your IT team will need to connect your campaign to your external services (example below).

Data Upload via Playvox’s Quality Data Source

If you are already set up with our Quality product, Playvox’s Quality Data Source will automatically upload information in real-time based on your preferences. Again, you can read more about this feature in Creating Variables and KPIs.

Congratulations! You’re connected!

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