Performance Campaign Parameters

Only some of the parameters can be edited for an existing, activated campaign. To maintain the integrity of data over time, Playvox does not permit editing of parameters that will change KPI variables.

Parameters that do not affect variables within a KPI can be edited for an activated campaign, as follows:


  • Measure unit

  • Formula operations for * / + - Sum Avg


  • You may change KPIs displayed in a campaign dashboard under the Map variables step

  • Adjust Goals, Metric Importance Weighting, Level Settings, and Goal Bar Settings.

  • Edit team or team members assigned to a campaign.

  • Switch On/Off Publishing Toggle. This determines whether the dashboard display is restricted to administrators and team leaders, or if agents can see them as well.

Edit KPIs for a campaign

  1. Go to Performance > KPIs.

  2. In the Search field, enter one or more terms and hit the Enter key. Displayed will be matching items found in the Name, Formula or Vars columns of the KPI list.

3. After locating the KPI that you’d like to change, click Edit.

Note: You may not edit or delete the default Playvox Quality KPIs.

Remember: When editing a KPI, changes are limited to Measure unit and operations within formulas to calculate KPIs. Variables within an existing KPI cannot be changed.

Performance Campaign Settings

  1. Go to Performance > Campaigns.

  2. In the Search field, enter one or more teams and hit the Enter key. Displayed will be matching items found in the Name, Teams or Team Leader columns of the campaign list.

  3. When you locate the campaign that you want to edit, click Actions > Edit.

4. Go to Set Goals to change goals, weighted importance for each KPI, team

assignment or members of a team, and Level settings for color bars in the

dashboard displays. You can also change the Activation setting to Off (the

campaign will not be visible to anyone except an administrator) or Publish Off

(the campaign will be visible only to administrators and team leaders, not


For more detailed information on these thresholds and settings, please see Creating Performance Campaigns.

Cloning Performance Campaigns

If you would like to see Quality data from individual scorecards, if you need to change variables associated with a KPI, or if you would like to change a team designation for a campaign, you will have to clone it. You’ll then make your edits to the clone and save it. This new campaign will require you to complete the campaign build process again from the beginning. You will also need to load data for this new campaign, either starting with data for day one, or loading historical data.

Important: The new campaign will only reflect data moving forward (or historical data that you upload initially). It will not transfer historical data.

  1. Go to Performance > Campaigns.

  2. Click Actions > Clone.

3. You will be prompted to confirm that you would like to clone the campaign. Click


A new campaign will be opened for you to configure. It will include all the parameters configured for the original campaign, but you’ll now be able to edit parameters for any step in the build process before activating the campaign: Name, KPIs, Map Variables, Set Goals, Select Team.

Once activated, you will have to upload the FTP data file with current day data and/or historical data to be reflected in the new performance campaign.

Log for Uploaded Data Files

It’s your lucky day! Did you know that Playvox provides an API and FTP file upload log for your convenience? This log provides an historical record of file uploads and completions.

  1. Click on the white Log button in the upper right corner of the Campaigns dashboard.

2. Click on the Details button to discover errors associated with a failed file upload.


Where available, we provide indications of the type of errors.

Campaign Data Management

As an administrator, you can manage data across multiple performance campaigns. Playvox allows you to delete, move, and copy data for specific agents and date ranges.

  1. Go to Performance > Campaigns

  2. Click on the green Actions button for a specific campaign.

3. Select Data Management.

This will take you to your Data management dashboard.

4. Select a campaign and date range for the data you wish to view. You will then

see a list of agents and their associated KPIs for this campaign.

From here you can change the number for the KPI, as well as delete, copy, or move blocks of data for one or more agents within a campaign.

To change a KPI value

Notice a mistake in your KPI values? Playvox makes it easy to adjust the KPI value for any cell. This feature is intended to allow you to correct one-off or random errors in data. Perhaps data was uploaded but it did not properly reflect one agent's activity for that day. Those singular corrections can be made here.

  1. Select the data range you’d like to view.

2. Scroll down to the agent whose KPI you’d like to adjust.

3. Click on the cell, and make the change.

4. Hit Enter to save the new value.

IMPORTANT: You may not change the KPI number if the campaign was made with Quality Data Source KPIs. If you need to change this value, and you have used the Quality Data Source, you will have to add a new entry.

Delete, Copy or Move Agents’ Data

From the data management page, you can select a date range to filter results, and use the Action button to move, copy or delete. You can also export your data to an excel spreadsheet.


  1. Go to Actions > Delete data.

A pop up window will appear asking you to confirm your choice as well as select the agents you would like to delete for your chosen time filter.

2. Select the agent(s).

3. Type DELETE in the space provided.

Important: Make sure you use all caps when you type DELETE in the box.

4. Hit Accept.

Move Data

  1. Go to Actions > Move data.

2. Choose your destination campaign for the agent and data.

3. Click Next to save.

Remember: The data will be removed from the original campaign once it is moved to another.

Copy Data

To copy data from one campaign to another, follow these steps.

  1. Go to Actions > Copy data

2. Choose your destination campaign for the agent and data.

3. Click Next to save.

Hoorah to you! You now have all the tools you need to manage your performance campaigns.

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