Creating your scorecard brought together the elements you needed to lay your Quality Assurance groundwork. Like an artist displaying her tools on the table, you’ve now got the clay, the water, and a solid base from which to build. In this article we’ll show you how to mold and shape that idea into the exact form your company needs. Let’s get those hands dirty!


You may find it necessary to understand why an agent didn’t follow a specific protocol. This is where feedback comes in handy. Click the Edit feedback options on your scorecard.

Then choose Add feedback from the new screen.

From here, you’ll be able to fill in a Reason, choose the Type (Text, Large Text, Multiple Choice, or Checkboxes) and decide whether or not the feedback should be Required.

Note: Multiple choice and Checkbox answers have a limit of 200 characters. See below.

You may add as many feedback options as you’d like for a question. Again, all information is automatically saved.

Rearrange Questions and Answers

Feel free to move questions around as you please within a section. Place your cursor over the question, and a six-dot rectangle appears in the top center area. Left-click on your mouse to grab and move the question within the section. This also applies to answers. Hover over an answer, and the six-dot rectangle will appear to the left. Grab and move to rearrange.

Bonus Section

Everybody likes a bonus! Allow evaluators to assign extra points to the overall QA score. This means the scores can surpass 100%. Simply click Bonus section next to the section you prefer. You can have as many bonus sections as you’d like! Click here to read more about Bonus Sections.

Note: When you click Bonus section, the option for N/A answers will disappear.

Add N/A Answer

Playvox knows that not all questions apply to every situation. That’s why we give you the option to include a Not Applicable answer. If selected by an evaluator, Playvox will adjust the scoring as a percentage of the total points. The percentage is weighted according to the assigned points.

Cloning Scorecards and Questions

Let’s start with the scorecards. You can copy, or clone, an existing scorecard as a starting point and then simply edit the new card. Start by selecting the cloning icon under the Actions tab of your main Scorecard page.

A new window will open asking you to confirm your decision. Click Yes, clone the scorecard.

Your new scorecard will appear with the word copy in the title. Now you may edit to your heart’s desire!

To clone questions within a scorecard, click the cloning icon to the right of the Question type. Each time you click the icon, a clone will be created underneath.

If we had a gold star, we’d give it to you! You’ve successfully set up your scorecard! For further reading, you may want to check out:

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