Creating question groups can help you better identify areas where agents need improvement and/or guidance. Data is reported by breaking down these different pieces of your scorecard into categories like Business-critical and Compliance-critical, for example. Feel free to keep our default Question Group suggestions, or create your own! Read on, and we’ll show you how.

Create Question Groups

When you log into your Playvox account, go to Settings > Quality.

You’ll be taken to the General tab. Scroll down and make sure that Enable question groups on Scorecards is checked.

Then, select the Scorecard Groups tab. From here, you’ll be able to see a list of your current Scorecard Groups. You can also add, edit and delete Question Groups to better suit your needs. You’ll notice Customer Critical, Business Critical and Compliance Critical groups are already created by default to align with COPC standards. Though we recommend keeping this set of groups, you can manage and customize this section to your Quality heart’s delight.

To create a new group, simply hit the New button at the top right. A window will prompt you to create a name and description for your new group. Click Save.

Assign Question Groups

Your scorecard now has the option to assign groups to each question. Select your desired value from the dropdown options to associate the questions for every group.

Want to see how to create Quality Reports on groups? Check out this article.

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