By now, you’ve probably read through Learning at a Glance and have a high-level understanding of what you can do with your new product. In this article, we’ll take a look at how to create your first course and publish it either publicly or privately.

Creating a Course

  1. Go to Learning > Manager.

  2. Under Courses, click New Course.

A new page will appear.

3. Name your course and give a short description.

Courses are divided into Sections. Within those sections are Activities where you can utilize enrichment text, videos, and interactive PlayCards to make the learning process fun for everyone! You may also Quiz your team to evaluate their comprehension. We’ll get into more specifics on that later on in the article.

4. Scroll down the page. Under the Activities tab, enter your Section title and then

click Create Section. Give a clear and concise description of what your team will

be learning here, as well as what you’ll be evaluating on.

After creating your section, it’s time to create activities.

5. Go to the field under the section where you’d like to create the activity. Name the

activity and, this time, click Create Activity.

After creating your activity, you’ll be able to Set Content Type. You may choose from:

  • Learning Activities

    • Enrichment

    • Video

  • Interactive activities

    • PlayCards (flashcards that you later match to the correct answer)

  • Evaluation activities

    • Quiz

6. Take a moment to check out these articles which will show you how to add and

edit each content type.

7. As an optional enhancement to the learning experience, you may decide to add

attachments to any created activity. Just follow these instructions!

Course Settings

  1. Once you’ve completed adding Sections and Activities, click on Course settings (shown below).

Note: Keep in mind, these are different than the Activity Settings used to add attachments.

A sidebar will appear with the following options:

  • Order - choose whether the learner must consecutively work through the activities or if they may skip ahead to any activity in the course.

  • Deadline - specify the number of days that the learner has to take the course, or choose a date by which the learner must complete the course.

  • Skills - select the skill category that applies to this course.

  • Privacy - check whether you’d like the course to be Public or Private when published.

  • Actions - check whether or not you’d like learners to be able to Unenroll for the course.

  • Progress Required - decide what score the learner must achieve to pass the course.

  • Quiz Required - decide if a Quiz is required to pass the course.

2. Adjust your settings to your preferences.

3. Click the Save button after adjusting your settings to close the popup window

and return to the course page.

Publish Your Course

You’ve created your course, added activities, and adjusted your settings. You’re ready to go live!

  1. Go to Learning > Manager, if you’re not already there.

2. Scroll down to the Courses list, and select the course you’d like to publish.

A new window will open.

3. Click the Settings button to double check that these are correct and how you’d

like them.

4. After Saving your preferences in Settings, click on the Publish button at the top

of the page.

A popup window will appear.

5. Click the Publish course button to confirm that you’d like to publish this course


Note: If you have missed or incomplete sections of your course (e.g. you’ve created the activity, but have not completed filling in the questions and answers yet), Playvox will not let you publish yet. We’ll also show you which sections, exactly, need what!

If you didn’t receive the previous message, or if you’ve completed editing the necessary sections, a popup confirmation message will appear.

6. Click Publish course.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created and published your first course! Next, you’ll want to check out how to Enroll Learners in Courses. Then check out the rest of our Learning library:

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