Videos allow learners to engage with more complex themes, stimulate different cognitive processes, and let’s face it - they’re fun! With this article, we’ll show you how to incorporate videos into your new course.

Add a video

  1. If you’re not already in your course, click on Learning > Manager.

2. In the Courses list tab, search for your course, or click on your course card. You

may even create a new course from here if you’d like.

3. Scroll down to the Activities section and enter a name for the video.

4. Click the Create Activity button.

5. In the Set Content Type drop-down next to your new activity, choose Video.

6. Hover your mouse over your new activity and click the edit icon to access the

Video page.

Upload a video

  1. Click Upload Video

  2. Choose whether to upload the video from your computer, or embed a public video from another site.

Note: You may upload any of the following formats with a file size up to 50Mb: webm, mkv, flv, vob, ogv, ogg, avi, mov, qt, wmv, asf, mp4, m4p, m4v, mpg, mpeg, m2v, svi, 3gp, 3g2, flv, f4v , f4p, f4a, f4b

After you add the video, a preview will appear.

Note: Want to experience the entire activity the way your learners do? Click here.

Add Comprehension Checks to the video timeline

Make sure your learners are internalizing the important information in the video with comprehension checks. This is also a great way to keep your learners interested and engaged!

  1. Enter the minute and/or second marker that the material is covered, if desired.

2. Then click the green Create Question button to activate the sidebar.

From the side panel, you can create and edit the question, choose the Question Type, Add Answers, and Add an Image to the Question. If you choose Unique Choice or Multiple Answers, you may also add an image to each answer.

Note: The question may contain up to 2,000 characters. Break lines will also format for the learner if you choose to use them.

3. Add an Image to the Question (optional). You may add JPG, PNG, GIF, or JPEG

files up to 10 MB.

4. Create your Question.

5. Then choose from three options for the Question Type:

  • Unique choice - the learner can only choose one correct answer.

  • Multiple answers - out of 10 possible answers, the learner would need to choose at least two answers.

  • Short Answer - the learner would need to type out an answer in one or more sentences.

6. Add the answers to the question. Begin by entering text for Answer option 1, and then click the + Add Answer Option link to add another answer option until you

cover all the options that you want for this question.

Remember: If you choose Unique Choice or Multiple Answers, you may add an image to each answer. Simply click the image icon next to the Answer option.

Note: Answers may contain up to 280 characters. For each answer option that is correct, click the small square button on the left to turn it green (this is a circle for Unique Choice). If you choose Short Answer, you will need to type in the exact word or phrase the learner needs to respond with.

7. Choose the Feedback Type.

There are several options for Feedback Type:

  • All Answers - provide feedback after the learner answers a question correctly.

  • Correct/Incorrect answers - give a message to the learner for correct AND incorrect responses.

  • Per option - Give custom messages for each of the options that the learner can choose. The message that you provide for each option will appear when the user clicks on that option.

E.g. Question: What are Hard Skills?

(Incorrect) answer: Skills formed in cement!

Feedback: Oh, that’s not quite right! Try again, and not so literal next time.

8. Add your Feedback.

  • For All Answers: Enter the text you’d like to give to your learners for the correct answers.

  • For Correct/Incorrect Answers: Enter the text you’d like to give to your learners for BOTH Correct AND Incorrect answers.

  • Add a custom text for each option the learner may choose.

9. Click Save.

Note: To add Attachments to your Video Activity and to set the Activity Length, check out this article.

10. You will be directed back to the Video Activity page where you can edit existing

questions, or create new ones. Just repeat the process and remember to click


Congratulations! You are now a wiz at Video Activities and are sure to be engaging your learners at record speed. Go ahead and return to Creating and Publishing Courses to finish up the process, or click here to learn how to Preview your Course before publishing!

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