Learning should be fun! That’s why Playvox incorporated PlayCards into course activities. A PlayCard is similar to a flashcard. By adding and configuring PlayCards, you are making a game where the learner associates the front of a card with what is on the back of the card. They are able to study the correct pairs in the beginning of the activity, and then have to find the correct match from two, three, or four different answers. Who doesn’t like a good game?

Let’s go through the quick and simple process of adding PlayCards to your course.

Create a PlayCard

  1. If you’re not already in your course, click on Learning > Manager.

2. In the Courses list tab, search for your course, or click on your course card. You

may even create a new course from here if you’d like.

3. Scroll down to the Activities section and enter a name for the PlayCards.

4. Click the Create Activity button.

5. In the Set Content Type drop-down next to your new activity, choose PlayCard.

6. Hover your mouse over your new activity and click the edit icon to access the

PlayCard page.

7. Configure the PlayCard. To configure a PlayCard activity, first decide whether

you’d like two, three, or four answer choices (only one answer is correct).

8. Then, specify if you’d like the cards to be pulled at random. Uncheck the box if

you would like them to be presented in a set order.

Remember: You can drag and drop cards to change the order before saving.

9. Add multiple PlayCards and enter the text that will appear on the front and back

of each card under the Card List.

Check out the example below.

How playcards look to a learner:

How fun was that!? We hope you enjoyed learning about this activity as much as we liked writing about it. Head on back to Creating and Publishing Courses to finish up the process.

Note: To add Attachments to your PlayCard Activity and to set the Activity Length, check out this article.

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