Playvox wants to give you the freedom to manage your Quality product in the exact way that makes sense for your company. That’s why we have multiple settings you can adjust so that everything fits just right! Let’s get started.

  1. Go to Settings > Quality.

You will be brought to the General tab under Quality Settings.

There are two categories under the General tab: Evaluation and Email Notifications.

  • The permissions under Evaluations will determine how your Quality Evaluations are created, viewed, and scheduled.

Tip: Keep the focus on improvement and achievements for your agents by hiding the “evaluated by” field from evaluations. This will also hide it on disputes.

  • The permissions under Email Notifications specifies who and what your team is notified about.

2. Check the box to allow the action.

3. Click on the Filters tab to edit and create filters. Read more about this process


4. Click on the Workloads Skipping Categories tab to create and edit which

workloads will be automatically skipped. Read this article for more details.

5. Click on the Calibration Categories tab to view, create and edit categories within

your calibrations. Study up on your calibration material here!

6. Click on the Scorecard Groups tab to view, create, and edit scorecard groups.

Read all about it here.

7. Click on the Disputes tab to adjust your disputes settings.

There are two sections under the Disputes tab: General and Categories.

  • The permissions under the General section allow you to send disputes automatically, as well as set a timeframe for disputes. (Check the box to allow the action).

  • The permissions under the Categories section allows you to create, edit, and delete categories to add to disputes. Read more about dispute categories here.

Now that you’re familiar with Quality Settings, you can use our Quality product in the way that suits YOU best. Congratulations!

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