You’re already an expert in Creating and Publishing Courses. Hoorah! Now, give your team the opportunity to master a skill or specialized subject with Playvox’s Learning Paths. Individual courses can be grouped together to create a more structured, holistic approach to learning. This article will show you how to Create, Adjust Settings, and Publish a Learning Path.

Create a Learning Path

  1. Go to Learning > Manager.

2. Click on the Learning Paths tab.

You’ll be able to see the total number of learning paths already created, the number of courses involved, as well as how many total learners are enrolled.

3. Click New Learning Path.

You will be brought to a new Learning Path page.

4. Name your Learning Path

5. Add a short description

6. Then, click Add Courses.

A popup window will appear.

7. Search for courses in the Search Bar, or scroll down until you find a class you’d

like to add.

8. Hover over the course, and press the green arrow to move it into the right-hand


9. Repeat for each course you’d like to add, then click Add Courses.

Tip: You can add as many courses as you’d like to your Learning Path, but keep in mind the time and energy it takes to complete each course. We recommend adding 3-5 Courses per Learning Path.

Adjust Settings

  1. Click the Settings button.

A popup window will appear. From here, you can choose to present the courses in any order, or have your learners take the chosen courses consecutively. You can also choose whether to make the Learning Path public or private. Finally, under Actions, you can decide whether or not you’d like to give learners the option to Unenroll in a learning path.

  1. Click Save to continue.


  1. When you’ve finished adjusting your settings, click Publish Path.

Note: A Learning Path must be published before Enrolling Learners.

A confirmation message will appear.

2. Click Save.

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