Now that you’ve Created and Published a Learning Path, it’s time to fill up those courses with eager learners.

Enroll Learners

  1. Go to Learning > Manager.

  2. Click on the Learning Paths tab.

Note: You cannot add learners unless your Learning Path has been published (so make sure you do that first!)

3. Search or scroll to choose your Learning Path.

4. Click the title or hover your mouse to edit.

5. You will be brought to your chosen Learning Path’s page. From here, click on the

Learners tab, and then click Add Learners.

Note: If you already have learners enrolled, you may search, edit, or remove them from this tab.

6. Just as you did to enroll learners in a course, search and select from your list of

users to enroll them in a Learning Path. Then click Add Learners.

Once you enroll learners in your Learning Path, you’ll be able to see their progress. You can also remove them at any time by hovering over the learner and clicking the trash icon.

Edit Learning Paths

You can edit learning paths at any time, even after they are published.

  1. From the Learning Paths List, select the Learning Path you’d like to edit.

2. You will be brought to the Learning Path’s page where you can edit the name,

description, course sequence, and settings.

3. Click Update Path to go live with your changes.

This will Publish your updated Learning Path, letting your learners view and interact with the content.

Archive a Learning Path

Don’t want your Learning Path active anymore, but also don’t want to delete it? Archive it!

  1. From the Learning Paths List, select the Learning Path you’d like to archive.

2. A confirmation message will appear. Click Yes, Archive.

3. Your Learning Path will disappear from the Learning Paths list, and will be placed

in Archive until you choose to unarchive or permanently delete it.

Congrats! You’re proficient in Playvox’s Learning Paths! Want to review something? Check out these great articles!

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