Keep track of how your team is learning! Learning Reports can help you decide which courses are working, which courses may need revisions, as well as how your team members are scoring individually. Let’s go through this together.

  1. Go to Learning > Reports.

You’ll see the following at the top of the page:

  • The Contents section provides the totals for published activities, courses, and learning paths.

  • The Main KPI section presents the number of completed activities, training hours spent, and enrollments for the last month.

Note: Hovering over the arrow will show how this number compares to last month’s number.

2. Scroll down to see the Overview which lists Activities, Learners, Courses, and

Learning Paths.

Activities Tab

The Activities tab presents a list of learners with recent progress in various activities. You’ll see the Learner’s Name, the Activity Name, the Course Name, Progress Status, Current Score, and Time Spent on each activity.

Note: You may filter results by using the search fields under the Activities tab.

Learners Tab

Click the Learners tab to view a simple list of all the learners. You’ll see which team(s) the learner is associated with, as well as the number of courses each learner is enrolled in. You’ll also be able to see how much time they are spending in their courses.

Courses Tab

Click the Courses tab to view a list of all published courses. You’ll see the name of the course, the number of learners enrolled, and the time spent on each course.

Click on a course to see the detailed report. From here, you'll be able to see the number of activities, number of learners enrolled, as well as the monthly average score, activities completed, and training hours. You can also click the Export button at any time to get a CSV file of your report.

Learning Paths Tab

Click the Learning paths tab to view a list of all published learning paths. You’ll see the Learning Path Name, number of courses within the Learning Path, Learners Enrolled, and Time Spent.

Click on a path to see the detailed report.

Remember: Detailed reports for Courses and Learning Paths can be exported into CSV files through the Export Center to aid in internal reporting segmentation.

You can Export details such as:

  • Course Name

  • User Email

  • User Teams

  • Course Score

  • Time Spent on Course

  • And a whole lot more!

Way to go! You can now view, understand, and export your reports with confidence! Check out these other great learning articles for further study:

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