Here at Playvox, we are agent-centric, and customer-first. These two values go hand in hand with our personalized VoC product. Customer satisfaction metrics are not only critical measurements for your CX teams to understand how they are doing, but it also allows them to ask the question “What can we do better?” Our VoC product empowers your customers by giving them a voice, motivates your employees by hearing directly from their customers regarding the service they have provided, and enables you to make better business decisions based on that data that matters.

Playvox VoC allows you to gather metrics that gauge the effectiveness of your customer service organization (NPS and CSAT)...It humanizes feedback. Surveys become more personal and response rates increase dramatically by adding an agent photo and biography.” - Voice of the Customer: Your Secret Weapon to Strengthen Customer Service

You can read more about how important VoC is for your business here, but we’ll get on with the show.

What are the different parts of VoC, and how do they fit together?


Remember when we mentioned that agent-centric bit? They’re so crucial to the equation, that we put them first.

Users in VoC are your star players - they are the agents that will inspire your customers to leave valuable feedback.

  • User Playvox

This User name should be the same one that is used throughout the Playvox platform. This is the agent’s profile that displays Karma Points, Learning Progress, About Me, and Achievements.

  • External Profile

An external profile helps managers make sure their clients will see an image that complies with their company standards. Managers will need to approve an agent’s external profile before they are displayed in the surveys. Profile pictures can be added by the Manager on behalf of their agents, or their agents can add them right from their own profile by clicking the green External Profile link below their name.

Important: It is crucial that each User has an External Profile for the VoC product to work. Surveys will not be sent out for Users that don’t have an External Profile.


Once your Users have their External Profiles configured, it’s time to create your Survey. Playvox surveys are fully customizable. You can build surveys with one, two, or three questions using CSAT (rating) and/or NPS templates. You may also include a multiple choice question page as well as an Exit Page.

  • CSAT - Including the agent’s picture and profile humanizes the interaction between agent and customer. This boosts customer satisfaction as well as response rate. The picture included here will be taken automatically from the agent’s External Profile.

  • Net Promoter - Recommending a brand is the ultimate compliment. It shows that your customer is loyal not just to your product - but to your service as a whole.

  • Multiple Choice - Playvox gives you the option to add a multiple choice page to your survey. Dive deeper into the details that matter to your company with customizable question and answer options.

After creating your survey, how do you send it to the right people? Choose the method that makes the most sense for your company:

  • Spreadsheet- Download a template from Playvox. Transfer your customer database into the template, and upload as an Excel or CSV file.

  • API Endpoint - You may manually send a request to our VoC product every time you want the survey sent.

  • Triggers- Through our integrations with Kustomer or Zendesk, you can create conditions that trigger a survey to be sent after an interaction.

Playvox also gives you the ability to send out Test Surveys to make sure everything looks (and functions) exactly the way you want it to.


The ball is rolling! Once you’ve created and sent your surveys, you’ll want to check out the Voc Log, where all survey-related activities are automatically saved. From here, you’ll be able to see which survey was sent, information on the agent and customer involved in the interaction, as well as Date Sent, Date Opened, and Date Completed. You may also track the Status of each survey by looking at the color-coded tags marked Failed, Unopened, Incomplete, or Completed.

Note: The “T” next to a status tag represents Test.


Our VoC Reports gather data on successfully sent surveys. At the top, you’ll find a general overview of Total Surveys Sent, Open Rate, and Completion Rate. The Survey list below the general overview gives information about a particular survey’s status, number of questions, number of surveys sent, open rate, and completion rate.

Click on a Survey name to get more in-depth data. You’ll be able to filter reports by survey, team, and agent. You can also choose to see data surrounding a particular question within the survey. Hover over a graphic to get more information about the data.

Below the question graphics, you’ll be able to filter customer feedback by rating, or by the absence or presence of customer comments.

Now that you’ve got the basics, it’s time to dive in! Check out Managing VoC Users to get started.

Managing VoC Users

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Adding Questions to a Survey

Sending a Test VoC Survey

Delivering Your VoC Survey to Customers

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VoC Triggers with Zendesk and Kustomer

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