In case you missed it in our VoC at a Glance article, we’d like to remind you of this important message:

Important! Before you can send surveys, you must make sure that the internal service representatives for whom the surveys are sent have an approved External Profile. If this is not the case, the surveys cannot be sent.

Ok, we can now move on with our regularly scheduled help article. Let’s find out how to manage VoC Users.

Go to VoC > Users.

You’ll land on a page that lists all your current Users on Playvox, and indicates whether they have an External Profile or not. You can search for users by typing their name in the Search Box at the top.

Each user must create their own External Profile, or an administrator can create and approve their External Profile. We’ll go through each option below.

External Profile Configured by Administrator

As an administrator, you have the ability to configure External Profiles for each of your Playvox Users.

  1. Click on the User Icon under the External Profile column and next to the User Playvox for whom you’d like to make an external profile.

2. Type in the Name you’d like the User to have in the External Profile.

Remember - this is the name your customers will see when interacting with this agent. Because of this, it may be a good idea to only use an agent’s first name when creating the External Profile.

3. Click the picture to edit the User’s External Profile picture.

4. A popup window will appear. Click Browse to upload a JPG, PNG (or GIF) file.

5. After uploading your file, you may rotate or crop your image, clear (the crop), or

reset to the original image. If you’ve chosen to crop your photo, you may also

choose the dimensions you’d prefer. Click Send Image to save.

6. Click Save to finish configuring the User’s External Profile.

External Profile Configured by User

You also have the option to allow Users to configure their own External Profiles. Besides saving you time and energy, this also allows Users to have some control over what profile they present to customers. To make sure the profile is in compliance with your company’s guidelines, an administrator must approve or unapprove the External profile before they can use VoC, but more on that later.

Here are the steps an agent will take to configure their External Profile:

  1. Go to User image > My profile

2. Click on the green External Profile link under User’s name.

3. The User will then need to upload an image and type in the name as they would

like it to appear in their External Profile. Click Save.

A message will appear at the top of the screen confirming that the profile was sent for revision.

Managing Approval Status

After a user has created their External Profile, an administrator can either approve or unapprove them.

  1. In VoC > Users, search for a User in the Search field, or click Pending Approvals to see the External profiles that need approval. The status of each User is listed next to their External profile.

2. Click Approve or Unapprove.

If they are unapproved, they’ll receive the following notification and will need to resubmit:

If approved, no further action needs to be taken.

Reminding Users to Complete their External Profiles

Administrators can send reminders to specific Users, or to all users who do not yet have an External Profile.

  1. To send a reminder to a specific user, click Remind on the right side of the User’s row.

2. You also have the option to remind everyone that hasn’t yet created their

External Profile. Click Remind Everyone at the top right of the User list.

Each user will then receive a notification asking them to update their external profile.

Excellent! You now know how to create and manage External Profiles, a crucial part of the VoC process. Next, check out Creating and Managing VoC Surveys.

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