We know how important it is to get things right. That’s why we want you to make sure everything looks and functions exactly the way you’d like it to before your customers see it. A test survey allows you to see how things look from the user’s end whether you’re sending via Email or SMS.

Special Notes on Sending Surveys via SMS

If interested in sending VoC surveys via SMS, check out the following paragraphs. They’re important.

You may enable an SMS account to send SMS surveys. Once enabled, a phone number will be created for you and charges will be applied according to the number of SMS messages you send. This is an on-demand function. Charges will be billed monthly, and you will be able to monitor your expenses on the SMS account tab in the VoC settings menu.

Here’s how to get there:

  1. Enable your SMS account by going to Settings > VoC.

2. Click the SMS account tab.

3. Click Enable SMS Account.

4. A confirmation message will appear. Click Yes, Create SMS Account.

You’re all set! Remember, you are responsible for charges associated with this account if the SMS account is enabled.

Configure the Message Template

Important: Before sending a survey or test survey, the message template MUST be set.

1. Go to VoC > Surveys.

2. Select the survey you’d like to test, and click More > Message Template

3. A popup window will appear where you’ll be able to edit your message template.

4. Click the Email tab if you’d like to send the test survey via email, or SMS if you’d

like to send the test survey via text.

Note: You may fill out SMS, Email, or both depending on your company’s needs. You must complete all fields for the template to work. As noted in the template, the text within the curly brackets {{variable}} encloses dynamic variables that include information unique to the user receiving it.

After filling in the required information, the Send a test survey button will turn green.

Test Survey Form

  1. Click Send a test Survey.

2. After clicking the Send a test Survey button, a new window will appear. Provide

the following information keeping in mind that this survey is acting as a preview

only. For this reason, you may want to send the test survey to yourself or another

team member to review, using your own information to fill out the “customer”

fields below. You’ll need:

  • The name of the agent.

Remember: This agent will need to have an External Profile that has already been

approved in order to send a survey.

  • Customer name (optional)

  • Customer email (can be used in conjunction with the phone number or by itself)

  • Customer phone number (can be used in conjunction with email or by itself)

3. After filling out the required information, click Send.

A green confirmation banner will appear at the top of your screen when the survey is successfully sent.

How will it look to customers?

If the test survey was sent via SMS the customer will receive the following notification:

Once the link is clicked, the survey will appear in the browser.

If the test survey was sent via email the customer will receive the following message in their inbox:

After opening the message, they’ll see your survey displayed:

Clicking to rate will lead them to the full survey.

Note: Playvox will capture information for reporting from that first in-email click, even if they don’t complete the survey.

How it will look in the VoC Log

  1. Go to VoC > Log.

  2. Your survey will appear in the VoC log with a “T” next to the status.

Did everything look good? If not, make your edits and send another test survey. Once you’re satisfied, you’re ready to Deliver Your VoC Survey to Customers!

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