External profiles have been made for your agents, you’ve created your surveys, and you’ve designed your message template. You’ve even sent out test surveys to see what the customer will see because you want to make sure everything looks great. Impressive stuff! You’re ready to take the leap, jump in with both feet, bite the bullet… how many clichés should we put into one sentence? You get the idea. It is time for your surveys to fly the coop. Gah! We did it again.

Important! Make sure you have completed the following BEFORE sending out your survey:

How to send your survey

You can send email or SMS surveys in one of two ways:

  • CSV - download a template or create your own file, add survey information, then upload it to Playvox

  • Use our Playvox API to send the survey.

You will need the same information for each, which includes:

  • The User ID of the agent as it is shown in the system (this could be their email or username).

  • Customer email (can be used in conjunction with the phone number or by itself). Used for Email messages.

  • Customer phone number (can be used in conjunction with email or by itself). Used for SMS messages.

Important: You must add a + sign and then the country code before each phone number. For example, for U.S. numbers, this would be +01 before each phone number. Do not include any spaces in a phone number.

  • Customer name (optional)

  • Reference ID (optional)

We’ll go through these in detail below.

Sending a Survey via CSV File

  1. Go to Voc > Surveys

  2. Find the survey you’d like to send and click More.

  3. Select Send survey from CSV

4. From the Send Surveys window, you can download a CSV or Excel file that

contains the necessary column names (user_id, customer_email,

customer_phone_number, customer_name, reference_id) by clicking CSV or

Excel. If you already have this file, you can skip this step.

Note: These files contain example information in each column that should be removed and replaced with actual survey information. (example below).

CSV template

5. Format your file to include all necessary survey information.

6. Click Choose File to upload your formatted file back to Playvox.

A message will appear letting you know that the file has been uploaded successfully and the survey has been sent.

Remember: Once the survey has been successfully sent, you can track the survey and survey responses in the Log tab.

Using Integration Instructions for Playvox’s API

If you’d like to automate your survey delivery, you may use our API endpoint. We suggest bringing this to a developer that you work with in order to write the necessary script. They can then connect the Playvox VoC product to your chosen CRM. This is a great alternative if you’re interested in automating the process, but don’t currently have an integration set up with Zendesk or Kustomer (enabling Playvox triggers).

Let’s check out the process, but remember - this is getting deeper into the technical side, so make sure to pass this on to your development team.

  1. Create your API keys.

  2. Go to VoC > Surveys

3. Find the survey you’d like to connect and click More > Integration instruction.

4. To deliver Playvox’s VoC surveys to your customers, you’ll need to make the

appropriate API call to Playvox. As part of this call, you will need to include the

VoC Survey ID (or token) that is automatically generated by Playvox. You can find

this ID behind the survey/ part of the hyperlink.

Extra Knowledge Point: If you’re curious about API calls as a non-developer, check out this great explanation by Hubspot. They define it this way - “An API call is the process of a client application submitting a request to an API and that API retrieving the requested data from the external server or program and delivering it back to the client.”

Great job! You’re now able to send out Email or SMS messages containing your VoC surveys via CSV or Playvox’s API. Check out the following articles for more information on VoC!

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