Playvox knows that automating a process saves you valuable time and energy. With the integration of your Kustomer or Zendesk account and Playvox’s VoC, you can create triggers to automatically send out surveys based on conditions you set.

In other words, when a VoC trigger is activated, a survey is sent out. Let’s walk through an example. Perhaps you’d like to send out a survey every time an agent marks a high priority ticket as “done”. Instead of manually plugging in that information via csv or api, let your integrated CRM work directly with Playvox’s VoC to trigger survey deliveries to the customers you’d like to hear from most.

Creating a New Trigger

  1. Go to Settings > VoC.

2. You’ll land on the VoC Triggers tab. Click New.

3. A new page will open named Create Trigger. From here, fill in the Trigger name.

You may also add a description if you’d like.

4. Then, choose your Connector (Zendesk or Kustomer) from the drop-down menu.

5. In the next drop-down menu, choose the Survey you’d like to set a trigger for.

6. Under Delivery method, check the box for Email, SMS or both depending on

your preferences.

Remember: If using SMS as your delivery method, make sure your account is enabled.

7. Enter the status condition. Status will always be the first condition, regardless of

your chosen integration.

Note: The maximum number and type of conditions you may set depends on your integration. These fields are default to the CRM associated with it, and may not be altered. Also, remember that these conditions are operating on “AND”, which means interactions must meet ALL conditions in order to survey a trigger.

8. Enter the condition values. Then click Add Condition to add another.

9. When you’ve finished setting your conditions, click Create Trigger.

A banner will appear confirming that the trigger was saved successfully, and the Trigger will now be listed under the Trigger tab of the VoC Settings.

Editing a trigger

  1. Go to Settings > VoC.

  2. Click the edit icon in the Options column under the Triggers tab.

3. Make changes as necessary, and then click Save Changes.

Superb! Sit back, relax, and get ready to collect some stellar data while building lasting customer relationships. Next, you’ll want to find out how to view your survey activity.

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