We know that the more information, the better when analyzing data to give your customers the exceptional experience they deserve. Not all of this data is documented in reporting. That’s where the VoC Log comes in. Playvox automatically keeps track of your VoC product survey-related activities including:

  • Survey Status (pending, unopened, failed, complete, incomplete)

  • Date Sent

  • Date Opened

  • Date Completed

You’ll also be able to see Agent ID, customer information, and reference number if applicable.

Note: This information can only be seen by administrators. To allow other team members to see the VoC Log, you can change the permissions using Roles Management. For more detailed information, see Module Permissions Settings in VoC.

Let’s check it out.

  1. Go to VoC > Log.

You can filter the data displayed by survey, agent, or status.

You may also filter by date by clicking Show all at the top right of your screen.

2. After applying your preferred filters (if any), you may view your detailed survey


Remember: A status with a “T” next to it represents a Test Survey.

3. Hover over a “failed” status indicator to quickly view details.

Exporting Survey Information

You may always view this information in Playvox, but if you prefer to export to excel, click Export to Excel.

The file(s) will download to your computer.

Superb work! You’re now ready to move on to VoC Reports. See you there!

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