After you have administered one or more VoC product surveys, you can view and analyze your results.

  1. Go to VoC > Reports

You’ll see three metrics at the top of the screen that are the consolidation of all of your survey’s information.:

  • Total sent: The total number of surveys sent.

  • Open rate: The rate of all sent surveys that were opened by users.

  • Completion rate: The rate of all sent surveys that were completed by users.

Note: Click Show All to change the date filter. The metrics at the top will reflect the new date filter.

2. Click on the Survey Name or View to dive deeper into survey-specific metrics.

You may search for your survey using the search field at the top of the page.

Once you open the results for a specific survey, you can filter through the results by team, user (agent), or date (this date refers to the Date Sent).

Remember: To view report data on specific teams, they must have been included when you Created the Survey.

Your Main KPIs will be displayed at the top of the detailed report page and include Average Customer Satisfaction (out of 5), Net Promoter Score (out of 100), Surveys Sent (whole number), and Total Response Rate (percentage).

3. Scroll down to see your data Overview. From here you can filter results by

question type.

4. Choose NPS in the drop-down to view improved NPS graphics, which now

include the ability to view segments for passives and detractors. You can also see

the NPS score trend. Hover over the various features on the chart to see details.

You may also filter by rating (stars, for example), or whether or not a comment was left.

5. If you have enabled any of the VOC out-of-the-box integrations with Kustomer or

Zendesk, a small ID will appear in the response block. To view details of a

customer interaction, click the ID link in a feedback listing.

6. Once you click on the interaction/case ID, the browser page will redirect to the

ticket or case in the CRM application. There, you can review the interaction to

better understand the reason behind the VoC score.

Note: In order to view the interaction associated with the ID, you must be logged in to your CRM.

Export Customer Feedback to a CSV

  1. In My Reports (the page that appears when you click a report’s name), set filters for date, survey, teams, and/or agents.

  2. Click the Export to a CSV link. The contents of the CSV file will match any filters that have been previously set. Accept the given name or edit the name and save it to your computer.

The CSV file will contain the agent name, agent email address, customer email address, feedback text, and more (See sample CSV file below for full details).

Managing Permissions in VoC

Admins and Super admins have access to all VoC tabs (Surveys, Users, Reports, Log). Agents only have access to the Reports tab with their own reports, and only to those reports which link to their service.

Super admins can grant access to the rest of the tabs for the rest of the users. In order to manage permissions settings for team members, please refer to this article.

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