The results are in! Let’s walk through these coaching stats.

  1. Go to Coaching > Reports.

2. Filter by date and type to change the results you see in the dashboard.

From here you can see data for:

  • Total Coachings

  • Total In Progress

  • Coaching Effectiveness

  • Coaching Satisfaction Percentage

  • Percent Signed

  • Number of Achieved Sessions

  • Number of Sessions Not Achieved

  • Number of Sessions Overdue

3. Click on a number to be brought to a more detailed view of the Sessions page

associated with it.

Note: Coaching effectiveness and Coaching Satisfaction do not have associated Sessions pages.

4. Scroll down to see the Site Effectiveness/Satisfaction Trend Chart.

5. Hover over a specific section to get more detailed information.

Below the Trend Chart, you’ll find the Overview.

6. Click on either the Coaching Overview per Team or Coaching Overview per

Coach to view the associated information. Each tab has columns for Coachings,

Effectiveness, Satisfaction, Signed and Options.

7. Click on the column headings to reorganize information. E.g. clicking the

Effectiveness column with the down arrow will organize the data from highest

effectiveness score to lowest.

8. Click View to see data specified by Team or Coach (depending on what you

clicked in Step 6).

Coaching Overview per Team

If you’d like to view reporting information based on a specific Team, read on.

  1. Click on the Overview by Team tab at the bottom of the main Reports page.

2. Click on View for the Team you’d like to see more information about.

You’ll be brought to the Coaching stats: Teams page where you can then filter by date, type, and Team Leader.

3. Scroll down to view Trend Charts and Overviews By Users who have coached

this team or Users who have been coached in this team based on your filters.

Coaching Overview per Coach

If you’d like to view data on a specific Coach, the following information is for you!

  1. Click on the Overview per Coach tab at the bottom of the main Reports page.

  2. Click View for the Coach you’d like to see more information about.

You’ll be brought to the Coaching Stats page for the appropriate coach where you can filter by date, type, as well as who was coached.

3. Scroll down to see graphs based on Satisfaction Trend (the selected coach as

compared to other coaches), the Summary by coaching Type (to see satisfaction

ratings per type), and general data by type for the selected coach.

4. Finally, you’ll see an Overview by with tabs at the bottom of the page. These tabs

include Coachings’ Overview per Coached, Satisfaction overview, Unevaluated

Coachings, and Feedback and Satisfaction.

5. Click View for more detailed information.

Wahoo! You’ve successfully implemented Coaching Sessions and can rest assured knowing that your agents have the support they need to succeed!

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