Staying on top of Coaching Sessions is a crucial part of the process. Monitoring your team’s Coaching progress in real-time enables you to organize follow-up conversations and encourage active participation, for example, or recognize an employee for their quick improvement.

In addition to Coaching Reports, team leaders may view All Sessions, can edit or delete their own team’s Coaching Sessions, and they can utilize the interactive Manage Sessions in Progress page.

Remember: A manager or admin will be able to view/edit/delete ALL coaching sessions. Visit Roles Management for more information.

All Sessions

After a coaching session has been started, it will show up here. You can search and view coaching sessions on this page.

  1. Go to Coaching > All Sessions

From here, you may filter by:

  • Date (above the Start Coaching button): Select a custom Date Filter, or choose from Today, Yesterday, This Week, etc.

  • Coaching Type: General, Performance or Quality

  • Coaching Topic: Previously created topics based on your company’s needs

  • Signed: Filter depending on whether the coaching session was signed or not signed

  • Stage: In progress, Achieved, Not Achieved, Overdue, Inactive

  • Select Coached: Type the name of the person who received the coaching

  • Select Coach: Type the name of the person who created the coaching session

  • Select Team: Filter by Team name

  • Specific Coaching #: Filter by Coaching #

Note: If you choose to filter based on Specific Coaching number, all other filters will be ignored.

2. After filtering as necessary to narrow down your search results, scroll down to

view. You’ll be able to see all the previously mentioned filters in the results as

well as entity (for performance and quality), follow ups, comments, created at,

end date, a countdown of how many days to go in the session, and satisfaction

rating (how satisfied were the coachees with their Coaching Session?). You may

also view details of the individual coaching from here provided you have access.

Edit or Delete a Coaching Session

  1. Go to Coaching > All Sessions if you aren’t there already.

  2. Search for the Coaching Session you would like to edit or delete by using the filters described above.

  3. Click View on the right side of the row for the session you have selected.

A new page will open.

4. Click the Actions button at the top right.

5. Select Edit to return to the Coaching Form and make changes.

6. Select Delete to delete the coaching session. A confirmation message will

appear. Click Accept.

Manage Sessions in Progress

The Sessions in Progress dashboard is an interactive tool with card views of each coaching session in progress. All cards clearly state the session’s primary goals and achievement dates.

The red “x” or green checkmark lets you know whether or not this Coaching Session has been signed by the coachee. The chat icon indicates the number of chat messages. A red exclamation mark notifies you that there is a new message in the chat.

The Manage Sessions dashboard allows team leaders to manually move coaching session cards between (up to) four columns. Just drag and drop! Each column represents different levels of progression.

Remember: The headings at the top of these sessions are the ones you previously created in the Coaching Settings under the Process tab.

As soon as a coaching session has begun, the card will automatically show up in our default category, Initial Feedback. Perhaps, however, you notice that an agent on your team has not improved at all, and the achievement date is rapidly approaching. In this case, you may want to move that agent’s coaching card into a Needs Attention or Follow up column in order to give yourself a visual reminder of the action you intend to take. You may also notice that an agent has improved much more quickly than anticipated, in which case you may move them into a Making Progress category to remind you to recognize this agent’s excellent work. Let’s walk through the process.

  1. Go to Coaching > Manage Sessions in Progress

2. You may filter by Type, Coaching Topic, Signed, Stage, or Coached person.

3. Then scroll down to see your sessions in progress.

4. Drag and drop as appropriate. At any time, you may click the cards to view the

full coaching session.

Excellent work! You’re now able to manage your coaching sessions successfully. Let’s move on with gathering data and reading those Coaching Reports.

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