With Playvox’s Quality product, you have the ability to set up Coaching recommendations for agents whose evaluations do not meet the minimum score set by the appropriate scorecard. This automated feature will flag candidates for further coaching.

How exactly does this happen? Under Quality > Evaluations, you’re able to view all completed evaluations. Any evaluation with a “No” in the achieved column will be flagged by Playvox and sent to the Recommendations page, provided this feature is enabled. See example below.

Remember: You may enable this feature by going to Coaching Settings and clicking the box next to Quality Recommendation under the General tab. Read more about how to do that here.

Viewing Coaching Candidates

  1. Go to Coaching > Recommendations.

2. If you’d like, filter by Date, Agent, or Team Leader.

3. View the automated Recommendations under the New tab.

Note: It takes 24 hours (from the failed evaluation) for a recommendation to appear in Coaching’s automated Recommendation page.

4. From here you may Accept or Decline a recommendation, provided you are the

Team Leader for that agent.

Accepting or Declining a recommendation will move it to the appropriate tab in the Recommendations Page.

5. Clicking Accept will open the Coaching Form.

Agents with Multiple Team Leaders

Some agents may have more than one Team Leader. If multiple team leaders are responsible for an agent, each one will receive the Coaching Recommendation. Check out the info below if this applies to you!

Remember: It is important that both View Own Coaching Recommendations and Activate Coaching Recommendation Automation are turned on in the Recommendation Permissions Settings for the Team Leader role if using Coaching Recommendations. See our article on Roles Management for more information.

(above) Example of Recommendations Permissions Settings for Team_Leader role.

  1. One of the team leaders may start the coaching process at any time by clicking Accept under the New Recommendations tab.

2. If at a later date, another team leader tries to start the coaching process, Playvox

will ask if they’d like to start a new coaching session or if they want to join an

already created one for the recommendation.

3. If the team leader decides to join the existing coaching session, the case will get

moved from the New tab to the Accepted tab for each Team Leader that has

accepted the recommendation.

Fantastic work! Really, we mean it! Your dedication to creating the best experience for your customers is inspiring, Coach. Go team! Next, we recommend you check out Managing Coaching Sessions.

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