Before sending out your first coaching form, you’ll want to adjust your settings in the Coaching Settings.

  1. Go to Settings > Coaching.

2. You’ll land on the Coaching Topics page.

Coaching Topics

Create coaching topics to address specific issues as they apply to your business.

Important: Coaching topics must be created prior to starting a coaching in order to show up in the Coaching Form’s drop-down menu. All coaching forms (General, Quality, or Performance) require a Coaching Topic.

2. Click the green New button to create a new Coaching Topic.

A popup window will appear.

3. Write the title of the coaching topic into the box and click Add.

A green banner will appear at the top of the page confirming the coaching topic has been saved successfully.

4. You’ll now be able to find your topic in the list that appears under Coaching


5. You may Edit, Delete, or Archive your coaching topic by clicking the associated

Actions button.

6. Search for Coaching Topics by typing it in the search bar. You may filter between

Archived and Active.


Playvox can automatically identify and flag agents whose Quality evaluations do not meet the minimum score of the associated scorecard. To turn on this feature:

  1. Click on the General tab in Coaching Settings.

  2. Then, click the box to turn on the Recommendation Automation.

As noted underneath the box, Quality Evaluations will trigger daily coaching recommendations to Team Leaders if Score is below Target Goal value.


Coaching templates standardize and/or supplement the feedback given to an agent when they start a coaching session and are organized into Categories. Different templates contain recommended feedback for a specific quality or performance issue. Over time, administrators may create a library of templates, for highest priority issues. These templates streamline coaching for team leaders and assure consistency of best feedback across multiple team leaders. Both Templates and Categories may be created from this tab.

Note: As with Coaching Topics, Templates must be created prior to starting a coaching session in order to be able to choose them in the Coaching Form.

  1. Click on the Templates tab in Coaching Settings.

  2. To create a new template, click Create Template under the image, or click the green New button.

A new window will open.

3. Create the Title, Category, and Content in the fields provided. You may also

Create a new category by clicking on the green link under the Category field.

Note: Use the formatting tools to clarify your message. You may also insert links, images, documents, video links, or tables into your template.

Check out this example template:


The final tab in the Coaching Settings is Process. Creating Processes help you manage your sessions in progress (see example below).

Playvox’s default process, Initial Feedback, cannot be deleted. You may, however, change its name. Then create up to 3 more processes. These newly created processes may be edited and deleted as you see fit by following the instructions below.

  1. Click on the Process tab in Coaching Settings.

  2. Click the green New button to create a new process.

A popup window will appear.

3. Name your process and click Add.

Your process will now appear under the process column of the Process tab.

4. To edit or delete a Process, simply click Edit or Delete in the appropriate column.

Great work! You’ve successfully configured your Coaching Settings and are ready to fill out the coaching form. Let’s go!

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