“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their growth.” - Sir John Whitmore, Coaching Development Pioneer.

Playvox believes that the agent is at the core of the contact center experience. Because of this, it’s crucial that we help them succeed. Our form-based coaching model allows you to support higher frequency coaching sessions with more efficiency in real time. Tracking and reporting on coaching activity gives you the opportunity to identify best practices as well as pinpoint where improvements are needed.

What we’ll cover:

  • Coaching Settings: Before you dive into Coaching, we suggest you peruse the Coaching Settings to create your templates, coaching topics, and processes. This is also where you can enable automated coaching recommendations for agents that score below target goal value in Quality evaluations. We’ll go over how to adjust your settings to create the best possible coaching experience for your team.

  • Coaching Forms and Starting a Coaching Session - These forms are the backbone of your Coaching Sessions. We’ll show you how to use them to transform data from your Performance Campaigns or Quality Reports into a coaching session. You may also decide to use the forms as general feedback, writing comments to specific agents.

  • Coaching Recommendations in Quality - Set up automated Coaching recommendations for agents whose evaluations do not meet the minimum score set by the appropriate scorecard.

  • Managing coaching sessions- We won’t leave you hanging! We’ll show you what to do when coaching is completed, and how this process is communicated to your agents. This is where you’ll become a Playvox expert in our features like all sessions, and sessions in progress.

  • Coaching Reports - What do all those numbers mean? We’ll show you how to read those coaching stats you worked so hard for!

Now that you know what to expect, let’s get started! Next up: Coaching Settings.

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