Playvox understands that things can change quickly! Analysts are not always available to complete their assigned workloads, due to unforeseen circumstances or schedule changes. Instead of cloning the workload and assigning a different analyst(s) - or leaving assignments incomplete until your edited workload runs again - you may now simply reassign a workload to a different analyst!

  1. Go to Quality > Workloads.

You’ll land on the General View page.

2. From here, you may search or scroll to find the workload for which you’d like to

reassign an analyst.

3. Click the Reports icon from the selected workload.

You’ll be brought to the Assignment page.

4. Click on Details for the assignment you’d like to change.

A new page will open with detailed information about your assignment.

5. Click on the reassign icon next to the analyst whose workload needs to be


A popup window will appear with details on the reassignment. It will show you the analyst being replaced, the workload distribution that analyst was responsible for, and the pending workload that remains. The message will end by prompting you to choose a new analyst for the assignment.

Note: The new analyst will take the entire pending workload of the analyst being replaced. It is not possible to select multiple analysts for one reassignment. The new analyst may be in the workload’s associated team, or may come from outside the team.

6. Select the new analyst and click next.

Note: This modification only applies to the current workload assignment. Also, once redistributed to the new analyst, the original analyst will no longer receive notifications about the workload. All notifications will be redirected to the new analyst. The original analyst will still be listed in the workload, but will have 0% distribution, and for the period of time they are away from the workload, the report will show 0.

That’s it! Now you can attain that 100% completion rate while tracking the necessary changes as they’re made. Breathe easy knowing that your workloads can now “go with the flow” and give you the data you need when you need it.

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