100% Workload Completion Rate just sounds right, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, that’s hard to monitor - let alone inspire - if you don’t have the data you need at your fingertips. Playvox knows how important it is to utilize data in order to take action if required. That’s why we’re happy to introduce Workloads Reports. With just one glance, you can now see individual analyst reports for all active workloads.

Who can use Workloads Reports?

Any User that can View All in Workloads, may now also see Workloads Reports! For a refresher course on Permissions Settings, please click here.

Here’s How

  1. Go to Quality > Workloads.

2. Click on the Reports Tab.

You’ll be brought to the Workloads Reports page.

3. From here, you can filter by workload, analyst, or date.

Note: You may choose Last Assignment to see only the last assignment of each analyst, or choose from dates like Today, This Week, This Quarter, etc.

The Progress Bar under the filters represents the Total Assignments, percentage of Evaluated Interactions, and percentage of Skipped Interactions.

Note: The progress bar will reflect all filters selected. If no filter is selected, the numbers will represent ALL active workloads of ALL analysts.

Below the progress bar you’ll see a breakdown of reporting by analyst, organized from lowest completion percentage (top left) to highest completion percentage (bottom right).

Sometimes one analyst may be assigned multiple workloads. The numbers and completion percentages associated with each Analyst represent overall data for ALL their current workloads.

4. Click an analyst’s name to see a more granular breakdown of assignments by

workload and completion progress. You’ll see:

  • Analyst’s Name and Personalized Progress Bar

    • Analyst’s Total number of Assignments

    • Analyst’s Percentage of Evaluated Interactions

    • Analyst’s Percentage of Skipped Evaluations

  • Breakdown of Assignments by Workload

    • Workloads will be listed vertically in alphabetical order

    • Assignments will be listed horizontally from most current (left) to least current (right)

Each Assignment card will list the date the workload was assigned, the completion percentage, and the total number of evaluated interactions/total assigned interactions.

5. Click a workload card to get details about that specific assignment.

Want to see how a different analyst is doing with their workloads? Scroll up and type their name in the agent filter. From here, you may also filter by Workload or date.

That’s it! Happy reporting!

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