Zendesk and Playvox converge to create a seamless experience in quality operations. They go together like two birds of a feather! Let’s go through the integration process.

Before You Begin

  • Read this article to get familiar with Playvox Integrations in general (if you haven’t already). It’s a quick read, and has some really important info.

  • Know that only Zendesk Account Admins may set up an integration with Playvox.

  • Embrace your title. You will be named a Super Admin User in Playvox once our software is configured.

  • By default, Zendesk pulls in interactions via Batch mode every minute. By definition, Batch mode involves "storing all the data in a single batch and moving it at scheduled periods of time" to be shown to you as needed.

Note: You may want to read up on our user roles in this article.

Connect Zendesk to Playvox

  1. Login to Playvox with your Playvox credentials.

2. Go to Settings > Integrations.

3. Click the green New button at the top right of the Integrations Settings page.

4. Click Zendesk.

5. Enter the Zendesk subdomain where prompted.

Important: Click Enable VoC permissions if you would like to allow creation of VoC triggers and targets in Zendesk. You can read more about that here.

6. If you are not logged in to Zendesk already, a popup will appear asking for your

Zendesk login information.

7. Once logged in, another popup will appear asking you to allow Playvox to access

your Zendesk account. Click Allow.

Hoorah! You’ve done it! You’ll now be able to see the integration on your Integrations Settings page.

Going Further

Now that you’ve successfully integrated Zendesk with Playvox, we’ll show you how to import users and manage your integration.

  1. Select Import Users from the Actions Drop-Down menu.

You will be brought to the Import Users page where you may use the search bar to locate individual users.

2. Click the box next to the User’s name (or click the box at the top to select all) to


3. Click Import when you’ve finished selecting the Users you’d like to import.

Important: Adding users will give Playvox access to personally identifiable information (PII) such as first name, last name and corporate email needed to provide our services.

Once imported, Users will appear under the Imported tab.

4. For User Management, click Go to Manage next to the user you’d like to modify.

5. From the User Management page, you’ll be able to Edit information, Change a

User’s Role, Add User to a new team(s), etc. within Playvox. Click Save when


6. Add filters to your integration to start syncing your Zendesk interactions. Read

this article to read more about filters.

Note: Your Zendesk tickets will only be available 3 months prior to the integration date.

Edit or Delete the Connector

  1. Return to Settings > Integrations.

2. Click the Actions button, then select Edit.

3. Here you may modify the domain name or the VoC permissions, then click


4. To Delete a connector, select Delete under the Actions button.

5. A confirmation message will appear. Click Accept.

You’re off and running now! Don’t forget to check out these other great articles.

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