What are Multisites?

Multisites allow you to manage several sites through one convenient drop-down menu, whether that means multiple brands, BPOs, or simply adding and organizing different teams, while maintaining unique processes for each site. With Playvox, you can duplicate users and clone certain elements from site to site to customize what you need to see where you need to see it.

Note: At Playvox, a duplicate user is also referred to as a Lite User. We’ll elaborate on this a little later on in this article, so keep reading!

How do I create a Multisite?

We’ll walk you through the process.

Important: Only Super Admins will be able to create multisites.

  1. Request a Multisite and its creation by contacting your Onboarding Specialist or Customer Success Manager. Here’s the information they’ll need from you:

  • Number of sites that need to be created

  • URL for each site

  • Products that need to be enabled in each site

  • Timelines for creation of these sites

2. After the site has been set up by our Support team, you will be able to log into

your main site.

3. Go to Settings > User Management in your Parent site.

Important: Make sure you (or the Super Admin) are in the Parent site for this step. A Super Admin must be in the Parent site in order to clone the user.

4. Search for your profile, and click Clone.

5. A new Clone in window will appear. Click the new multisite(s) where you would

like the user to be cloned to.

Note: The name of the new multisite will be communicated between you, CS, and support.

Important: The first User cloned into a new multisite will become the Owner of that multisite.

6. A confirmation banner will appear at the top of your screen, and an email will be

sent once the clone is complete.

7. You’ll now be able to see the new multisite from the drop-down menu.

Remember: Only Super Admins will be able to see this drop-down menu.

Note: If you don’t see the multisite yet, try logging out and then logging back in.

Multisite Authentication Feature

Playvox will take the credentials you provide for your Parent Site and apply them to the multisite you request access to. If, however, you attempt to access a site for which you do not have a user account, you will be redirected to the login screen.

Note: Depending on your company’s needs, more than one set of credentials may be necessary to access different sites on a multisite.

Ex: I use a multisite and see Site 1, Site 2, and Site 3 in the dropdown menu. I can use the same credentials for Site 1 and Site 2, but Site 3 requires different credentials.

Lite Users

After you’ve set up your multisite, you may maximize the value of your Playvox licenses by duplicating existing users from one Playvox site to another. Duplicating a user will create something we call a Lite user which will not require a separate license.

E.g. You have 10 licenses in Site #1. You would like to duplicate 5 users that you have on Site #1 to Site #2. You will not need to buy 5 more licenses. Simply follow the directions below to automatically create new Lite users for Site #2!

An asterisk next to the User name will indicate that this user is considered a Lite User on the multisite.

A Note on Billing

Playvox offers two options for billing multisites.

  1. You may have one single billing plan (one invoice), and split your licenses up among all your child sites.


2. You may have different billing plans (invoices) for each operational site.

To see your current number of licenses, go to Settings > Billing.

In the lower right corner, you’ll see the Number of Licenses. This number indicates the unique number of users you may have on the site (not including Lite users).

There are a few ways to create Lite users, but first - let’s make sure you have the permissions settings correctly enabled.

Enable Permissions

  1. Go to Settings > Roles Management.

2. Under Super Admin, select Essentials.

3. Make sure this box is green to enable clone elements between sites under

Multisite Management Permissions.

4. Click Save. See this article for more information about Roles Management.

Creating Lite Users Manually

  1. Go to Settings > User Management.

2. Search for the User you would like to duplicate, then click the name to open the

User page.

3. Copy the Email and other relevant fields from the user profile that you’d like to


Important: Lite users will only be added to a site if the emails match exactly from one site to the other.

4. Switch to the multisite where you’d like to duplicate the user.

5. Go to Settings > User Management.

6. Click Actions > Add new user on the Users page.

7. Fill in the required fields including First Name, Last Name, Email, Username, and

Temporary password.

Remember: To create a lite user, the Email must stay consistent between sites.

8. Press save. A confirmation message will appear.

Creating Lite Users via Excel file or CSV file

You can also import identical users via Excel or CSV. This is a better option if you’d like to duplicate multiple users at once.

  1. Edit and review the Excel or CSV file to ensure that it contains the same user information as the users on your original Playvox site.

  2. Go to Settings > User Management on the new site.

  3. Click Actions > Import users from Excel or CSV.

4. You will be brought to a new page outlining the exact requirements needed to

upload an Excel or CSV spreadsheet. It states:

  • The file must contain the information of the users like first name, last name, role email, username, and password.

  • The file must include a header or first line that defines the fields and must be formatted as a table.

  • The header of the table must be equal to: first_name, last_name, role, email, username (optional), password, teams (optional), user custom fields (optional)

  • The password must contain at least 10 characters, a number, a capital letter, and a lowercase letter.

  • The username can only contain letters (az or AZ), numbers (0-9), and specific symbols such as the hyphen (-), underscore (_), and dot (.).

  • The role can only be: agent, team_leader, analyst, admin, or a role you have previously created.

  • The team must be a valid team name (case-sensitive) created in Playvox.

Important: The provisioning file only works to create or duplicate users in Playvox, not to update.

Note: You can add up to 25 user custom fields.

5. You may download an example of the spreadsheet by clicking CSV, Excel, or

JSON at the bottom of the recommendations.

Excel Example:

6. Once you have successfully created or edited your spreadsheet, click Choose

File to upload.

7. After successfully uploading your spreadsheet, you’ll get a confirmation message,

and the results will be shown at the bottom of the page.

Create Lite Users from a Playvox Integration

  1. Go to Settings > User Management on the new site.

  2. On the Users page, click Actions > Import users from [integration].

3. In the popup, check the boxes of the users you want to import and then click the

Import button.

4. You’ll receive a confirmation message at the top of the screen, and duplicated

users will appear on your User Page as Lite Users (indicated by the asterisk).

They will also have a tag with the name of the integration listed.

Excellent work! Now that you’re familiar with Multisites and Lite Users, check out this article to see how to clone other elements (Scorecards, Learning Courses, etc.) from one site to another. Your quality assurance game just got a serious upgrade. Like Shakespeare says in his famously adapted phrase, “The world is your oyster!”

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