The Playvox App for Zendesk Support allows you to quickly uncover customer service issues, start new quality assurance evaluations from your Zendesk ticket dashboard, and generate reports based on evaluation results. It acts as a bridge between Playvox and Zendesk so that you can have valuable information on-demand, and at your fingertips.

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Setting the Scene

Imagine this scenario: You’re scrolling through tickets on Zendesk, and a certain interaction catches your attention. It has not yet been evaluated, but it should be (and soon!). Simply click Evaluate on your Playvox App, and you will be directed to the Playvox site - straight to the interaction you need. No need to search for Interaction ID numbers, etc. as Playvox and Zendesk have led you to the exact place you need to be. Easy peasy!


Once you’ve installed the Playvox App for Zendesk, you’ll see it in the right-hand navigation bar of your Zendesk Support ticket (where all installed Zendesk Marketplace applications also happen to live).

Note: Depending on your browser, you may need to authorize the opening of pop-up windows to see the reports or begin evaluations.

To Evaluate an Interaction

  1. Click on Evaluate at the bottom of the App.

2. A new window will open leading you to complete the Evaluation within Playvox.

3. Select User, Team, and Scorecard from the drop-down menus.

4. Click Start Evaluating.

5. Complete the Quality Evaluation as you normally would.

6. Click Send Evaluation.

You will be shown a record of the evaluation. Go to the ticket tab, and scroll to the bottom to return to the Zendesk ticket.

7. Go back to your Zendesk ticket dashboard, and refresh your screen.

Important: Don’t forget to refresh!

Zendesk will now be updated with the results of the evaluation, as well as a link you can use to go back to Playvox to review the full details.


Perhaps you want to see some quick stats on an agent. Playvox App for Zendesk Support allows you to do that right from your ticket dashboard.

The Metrics tab allows you to track performance based on the following criteria:

  • Number of evaluations

  • Overall QA score

  • Number of errors

  • Percentage of records signed

  • Stats per scorecard

  1. Click the Metrics tab on the app.

2. Filter results by clicking Filter by.

3. Then set the Date(s) that you want to limit your results by.

Note: If you have managerial permissions over one or more teams, you can choose the Teams whose results you want returned as well. If you are not a manager, you’ll only be able to filter and show your own metrics.

Please note that, for the best performance, we recommend using one of the two most recent versions of Google’s Chrome web browser. However, the following browsers are also supported:

  • The two most recent versions of Mozilla Firefox

  • The two most recent versions of Apple Safari

  • The most recent version of Microsoft Internet Explorer

Important: Zendesk does not support IE 11

Happy Playvoxing, and congratulations on making QA a little bit easier for you and your team!

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