You may already know that you can quickly Reassign Workloads manually if someone on your team calls out at the last minute. But what about the analysts that have been scheduled for some well-deserved rest and relaxation? Maternity and Paternity leave? With Playvox’s Automated Workload Reassignments, you can plan ahead to make sure workloads are 100% complete, 100% of the time.

Here’s how:

  1. Go to Quality > Workloads.

  2. Then click on the Substitutions tab.

Remember: Substitutions are automated workload reassignments.

Click on Substitutions

3. Click on new substitution.

Click on new substitution

4. Select the analyst from the drop-down menu that will need a substitute.

Click on Carlos Rincon

5. Then select the dates they will be Out Of Office.

Click on highlight

Click on 18

6. When you’ve finished selecting your date range, click Search.

Click on SEARCH

7. A new page will appear listing all the analyst’s workloads that fall under the

selected date range. Select a new analyst from the drop-down menu to cover

each listed workload.

Click on Admin_Rocket Automation…

8. After completing the substitutions for each workload, click Save Substitution.


Reviewing Automated Workload Reassignments

From the Substitutions page, you’ll be able to view, edit, and delete substitutions.

  1. To view substitutions, click on the preview icon in the corresponding row.

Click on highlight

A popup window will appear where you can view the details of the substitution.

Click on Close

2. To edit substitutions, click on the edit icon in the corresponding row.

Note: Editing is only available for Scheduled substitutions. If the status of the substitution is Completed or In Progress, you may no longer edit.

You will be redirected to the Analyst Selection page where you may modify substitutes and dates.

3. To delete substitutions, click on the trash icon in the corresponding row.

A popup window will appear asking you to Confirm.

Note: If a substitution is deleted, Workload assignments will be returned to the original analyst.

La-dee-DAH! You did it! Rest easy knowing that your team can take time to recharge and your workloads won’t skip a beat.

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