Audit logs aren’t shiny, or fancy; they’re the wallflowers of great Quality Management products, like Playvox. If they were a character in a movie, they would probably only have one line - like when the waitress comes up to the main character and says, “Whatcha havin’ today, dear?” But audit logs are crucial to your organization’s success. They help you gain insight, enhance security, demonstrate compliance, and manage risks.

Let’s check out what actions your Audit Log includes:

  • Login Fails and Successes

  • Updates to a user profile, and role

  • Recovered password with valid or incorrect email address

  • Registered events when a new User, Team or Role is created, updated or deleted

Remember: Users may not be deleted, only deactivated. See this article for more information about Roles Management.

  • Registered events when a user is deactivated or activated, when a user is assigned to a Team, or when a Role changes

  • Exports in quality overview, calibration sessions, calibration reports, disputes, coaching sessions, and users

NOTE: Please contact support to enable your Audit Log. Remember, only Admins and Super Admins can access these logs.


You may filter and search your audit log by the following criteria:

  • Search by Name - Use only numbers, letters, whitespace, or underscores.

  • Action - choose from the drop-down menu.

Note: Read on in this article to view the value associated with each action.

  • Date - Select the date range you’d like to view.

Value Chart

Below, you’ll find descriptions of each action on your audit log.



Login Fail


Login Success


User Created


User Updated, Activated or Deactivated


User assigned to new team

User Role Change


Export: Quality Overview


Export: Quality Disputes


Export: Quality Calibrations


Export: Coachings


Export: Users


User Changed Password


User Requested Recovery Password


Going Further

To get more details on any event in your Audit Log, simply click anywhere on the corresponding row.

A new window will appear with details of the event.

Great work! You’re an Audit Log pro, now. Happy tracking!

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