Congratulations on your decision to deploy PlayVox to support your Quality Assurance programs. We hope to earn your trust. And to help you make every customer interaction perfect.

Hundreds of PlayVox customers have taken the next step beyond spreadsheets and google forms to manage their quality practices.  

  • Engage your workforce in a structured way to quickly address issues and develop agent and team skills

  • Easily integrate with your existing telephony and CRM applications to automate the retrieval and evaluation of priority customer interactions.

  • Leverage PlayVox value-added features to identify priority issues and correct skills and behaviors

  • And deploy a complete quality practice within just a few hours

Let's get started. There are five easy steps to configure your PlayVox platform. Within just hours you will have a complete, operational quality practice including customized scorecards and automated selection of customer transactions for evaluation. Each step is covered in the following Administrator documents.

Quality Set Up: Step 1 - Integrating PlayVox with Customer Interaction platforms.
Learn how to create a connector with other platforms.

Quality Set Up: Step 2 - Creating customer interaction filters
Learn how to create filters for customer interactions.

Quality Set Up: Step 3 - Adding Users
Learn how to import and configure users

Quality Set Up: Step 4 - Creating and managing teams
Learn how to manage teams on PlayVox.

Quality Set Up: Step 5 - Create quality scorecards
Learn how to design and create scorecards

How to change a user's role
Three easy steps to change roles

Learn how to calibrate quality team members.


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