Customer-centric Aircall comes together with agent-centric Playvox to transform the entire QM experience in a dreamy, cloud-based environment. Seamlessly integrate recordings and metadata from an Aircall account into your Playvox Quality Management.

First, you’ll need to generate an API key and token from Aircall. With that information, you’ll be able to successfully integrate into Playvox’s platform.

Note: You’ll need to be in Admin in both Aircall and Playvox to complete the integration.

Let’s check it out.

Gather Information from Aircall

  1. Log in to your Aircall account.

  2. Click on Integrations & API from the tab on the left.

Click on Integrations & API

2. Click the API keys tab.

Click on API keys

3. Click on Generate an API key.

Click on Generate an API key

A pop-up window will appear.

4. Create your Key Name.


Your API ID and Token will be visible from this window.

Click on Key name…

5. Click Copy to copy your API Token.

Important: Make sure to keep your API ID and API Token in a safe place that you can access later. Once you hit confirm, the window will close and this crucial information will no longer be available.

Click on Copy

6. Click Confirm once your API ID, API Token, and Curl (optional) are copied and

pasted into a secure document.

Click on Confirm

Enter Aircall Information into Playvox

  1. Log in to your Playvox account.

  2. Go to Settings > Integrations.

3. Click the New button at the top right.

Click on NEW

4. A new window will appear. Select Aircall from the Integrations list.

Click on image

5. A form will appear. Fill in the Name of your connector, the API ID, and API Token

that you copied from Aircall in the previous steps.

Drag highlighted element

6. Click Connect.

Click on Connect

7. A confirmation message (and a very joyful agent) will appear saying that Aircall

was successfully connected. Click on Customize Settings.

A confirmation message will appear saying that Aircall was successfully connected. Click on Customize Settings.

8. From here, you’ll be able to adjust your display and filters.

Going Further

  1. Once you’ve adjusted your settings, click the go back button to return to the Integrations Settings page.

Click on GO BACK

2. Click the Actions button next to your Aircall integration.

Click on ACTIONS

3. Click Edit to modify the name, API ID, or API Token.

Click on Edit

4. Click on Settings to change your Filters and Display settings.

Click on Settings

5. Click Delete to delete the integration.

Click on delete

Interactions with Aircall

  1. To view your Aircall interactions, go to Quality > Interactions.

Click on Interactions

2. Under filter, select the connector you made with Aircall.

Click on Select filter…

3. Depending on the display and filter settings, you’ll be able to see the recordings

and metadata associated with each call.

Click on alert

Congratulations! You’ve successfully set up an integration between Aircall and Playvox, so your information can materialize as seamlessly as water vapor into clouds.

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