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Integrations FAQs

  1. How long does it take to set up an integration? It only takes a few clicks to get set up.

  2. What permissions/credentials are required to set up integrations? It varies according to each vendor, so it is important that you check the specific integration requirements prior to setting up.

  3. Does Playvox save or edit any kind of information that resides on the integrated CRM/help desk/communications platform? We never edit information. Depending on your integration, some metadata may be stored in order to provide searching capabilities. Please reach out to your CSM if you have any questions about this.

  4. Does Playvox save customer interactions, communications, tickets, etc.? No. We fetch them on-demand or in batch for review purposes.

  5. What security does Playvox implement for the processed data? Authentication with API Keys is supported. Data is transmitted using TLS 1.2 with strong cipher suites. Data at rest is encrypted using AES256, this includes S3, the database and the backup copies. Additional controls are maintained as defined by the Playvox's Information Security Management System, including Access Controls, Network controls, Secure Software Development and others.

  6. Can I have multiple accounts from the same integration in a single Playvox site? Sure thing!

  7. Is Playvox embedded within the integrated CRM/help desk? No, it’s an external complementary tool for your CRM/help desk.

  8. Is Playvox an add-on for my CRM/help desk? No, it is a parallel tool that enhances your CRM/help desk.

  9. Am I allowed to have multiple third-party vendor integrations? It all depends on your billing plan. You should check which plan you’ve acquired and the number of integrations allowed with it.

  10. Can I import users from the integrated tool to Playvox? Yes! Depending on your integration, this may be a manual or automatic process.

  11. Are integrations bi-directional? We offer APIs that can be consumed by your systems to obtain information from Playvox's QM platform.

  12. What if I have a blacklist of IP addresses? If you use IP address restrictions within your CRM/Help desk then you might want to ask your Payvox AE (Account Executive) or CSM (Customer Success Manager) for Playvox’s IPs so you can make sure they are whitelisted.

  13. What is the API consumption for the integrations? API consumption depends on each integration.

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