Harvard Business review found that an organization’s culture firmly anticipated customer satisfaction. They went on to say “a high-performing culture maximizes the play, purpose, and potential felt by its people, and minimizes the emotional pressure, economic pressure, and inertia.” Play? Play is in our very name! It’s no secret that motivated and engaged employees perform better when they’re happier, but what if our goal is to make them ecstatic!?

What is Playvox Motivation?

Playvox Motivation brings together play, purpose, and potential to create a unique opportunity for employee engagement.

Let’s go over what you’ll find:

  • Community Wall- A social feed where members can post, ask questions, present polls, and share ideas.

  • Karma Points - A point system designed to promote platform use and encourage participation in Recognition programs.

  • Ranking - A competitive way to gamify the fun based on Karma Points.

  • Karma Store - An online catalog managed within Playvox that uses Karma point redemptions for catalog items.

  • Recognition Badges - A customized badge system that can be configured with Karma points and aligned with achievements against quality and performance goals.

We’re excited you’re getting in on the fun, and we can’t wait to show you around! Keep reading with these great articles:

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