The Society for Human Resource Management states that having a social feed for your organization “allows employees to discuss ideas, post news, ask questions and share links. (It) promotes diversity and inclusion, and… reinforces organizational culture, or (can) change that culture through communication.

Tip: At Playvox, Feed is another term for the Community wall.

If you have enabled the Community wall, everyone from the CEO to the agents may engage in this platform-wide, workplace social feed. User privileges on the community wall, however, can be restricted. Check out this article to read about Community Permissions.

What can I do with the Community Wall?

There are so many benefits to the Community Wall, it’s hard to list them all! But we will… because this is a help article, and we want you to be informed!

Remember: You may set or edit Community Wall permissions by going to Roles Management > Community under Access for the role you would like to view. See this article for more information.

  • Create Posts - Drum up employee engagement by creating a post!

  • Upload Files, GIFS, or add emoticons - Use GIFS and emoticons to connect emotions to the text, or upload files to give extra clarification.

  • Ask a Question - Give your team a space to ask questions, for work or play!

  • Post Ideas - Hear a great idea in a podcast you listened to last night? Or maybe you just want to see who’s free after work on Friday? Post an idea!

  • Create Comments - Comment on a post, question, or idea.

  • Recognize team members with Customized Badges - Your team works hard. Recognize them with badges! Read more about that here.

  • Create and/or Participate in Polls - Polls give visual clarity to your colleagues’ opinions in a one-question survey.

Can I do anything else?

Yes! Check out the Shared Notes feature on the right side of your wall. With the correct permissions, you can use the edit icon at the top right to create and share notes with your whole team.

Below notes, you’ll see any Community Groups you are a part of. Read this article about Community Groups for more information.

Lastly, check out who has earned recognitions, and which teammates have achieved a new Karma level! This will be visible in the lower right corner of your feed. Read more about those in this article.

(Recognition badges)

(Karma Level Up)

You’re a Community Wall expert now! If we could give you a badge, we would! Check out these other great articles on our Motivation product to level up.

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