Your team has worked hard to accrue Karma points by engaging in the platform and achieving goals in Quality and Performance! Time to reward them with some “retail therapy”.

Karma points accumulated by users can be redeemed as credits against the purchase of incentive items from what we call the Playvox Karma Store. This optional application provides the tools to build and maintain an online storefront, tracks redemption histories, and awards karma points for redemption.

Important: You are responsible for managing inventory of store items as well as the physical delivery of redeemed items.

This section reviews the user experience in the Karma Store and provides instructions for building and maintaining your Karma Store.

Building out your Karma Store

1. Go to Settings > Karma Store.

Click on Karma Store

2. Click on the Create a product button if you’re starting from scratch, or click the New button - making sure you’re on the Products page.

Click on Create a product

3. A new window will open where you’ll be able to fill in the details of your new product.

  • Name your product

  • Add a description

  • Assign a category

Note: If a category does not exist, you can create a new category from this screen by clicking on Create a new category.

Click on Create a new category

A popup window will appear where you can add a title and a description to your category. Then click Add. It will now appear in the drop-down menu under category.

  • Cost - how many Karma points are required to purchase this item?

  • Discount - add if applicable. Tip: Discounts can be applied to manage inventory by reducing the number of Karma points.

  • Stock - is there a limited amount of supplies or days off granted, fro example? Clicking this box will allow you to display the number of items remaining in stock.

  • Tags - choose tags to be used as search keywords.

  • File - click choose file to upload an image of the product. This image will be displayed in the Karma store.

Note: Images are typically first downloaded from the internet and stored on your local file service. After downloading, you may upload the file associated with this catalog item.

Click on Save

4. Click Save when finished.

The new items will show up in the products tab of your Karma store settings.

General and Categories tabs

Use the General tab to add a manual confirmation step when an agent redeems a product.

Note: By default there is no manual validation step by agent. An administrator can indicate who should be notified when a redemption order occurs.

Uncheck Manual code confirmation…

Categories is a way of filing different product offerings within the online catalog. You can also sort products by the categories that you create.

Creating Categories

Aside from creating categories from the Product form in the previous step, you may also click the Categories tab.

1. Click the New button from the Categories page.

2. Provide a name and description.

3. Click the Add button to save.

The category will show up in the drop down list of categories used to filter products. Add as many categories as you choose.


Continue the process of creating and adding products to your Karma store. You can manage the available products from this screen. Edit the entry, remove, or change the Status to Inactive.

Remember: Playvox helps you administer the online store and redemption process. You will need to manage physical inventories and deliveries of redeemed products.

How Karma Points work in the Karma Store

Your team can access the Karma Store through their Community page. The Karma Store is an online store with items that you add for redemption (see above). Users can review products by filtering by Categories on the left, scrolling the page, or searching by product name.

1. Select and redeem items against Karma point credits by clicking the Redeem button below the desired item.

2. Depending on how you’ve configured your Karma store, the following happens:

  • The user does nothing more. A notification is sent to the Karma Store administrator that a redemption occurred. They review orders from a Playvox dashboard, and they fulfill the order.


  • If administrators prefer, they can add a user validation step for authentication. If this validation step is set by the administrator, an agent is asked to confirm the order, and is presented with a product code. They provide this product code to the store administrator (Playvox Administrator) who confirms the transaction using that code.

Playvox tracks and reports transaction history to Administrators and individual users.

Note: Admins can confirm redemptions at any time by clicking on Redeem history on the main Karma Store screen.

3. Then click on Confirm transaction on the store manager dashboard. A confirmation screen with redemption details is presented.

4. Click the Confirm transaction button bottom right.

The transaction will change from pending to Completed. Redemption histories are kept for all users. Administrators can view and manage redemption histories at any time.

Congratulations! Your Karma Store is now live and available to users. Grow the store by adding products, and have some fun!

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