Playvox knows that every human is unique. Every learner on your team is different. That’s why we offer a multitude of ways to turn the resources you provide into valuable and retentive knowledge. According to Boston University’s Center for Teaching and Learning, slides convey visual concepts, help to summarize main points, and present questions for discussion. Check out the information below to find out how you can utilize this great learning feature!

Create a Slide

  1. If you’re not already in your Course, go to Learning > Manager.

2. In the Courses list tab, search for your course, or click on your course card. You

may even create a new course from here, if you’d like, by clicking New Course at the top right of the page.

3. Once on your Course page, enter the title of your slides activity where prompted.

4. Then click Create Activity.

5. Click Set Content and choose Slides.

6. Click the Edit icon to bring you to the Slides page.

7. From here, you’ll be prompted to upload a PDF of your choice. Click Browse to upload from your device.

Note: The maximum size of the PDF is 50MB.

8. A message will appear after you’ve selected your PDF indicating that the process may take a couple moments. You will get notified via the bell notification and by email once processing has finished.

The slides will appear on your Slide Page individually, based on the pages of your PDF.

Note: Click Preview at any time to get a glimpse of what your learners will see.

In Preview Mode, you’ll notice that the color green represents the current slide. Yellow slides are Question Slides, and the white slides have not yet been seen by the learner..

Create Question Slides

Use question slides to further engage your learner! Once your slides are uploaded, you’ll have the option to create question slides.

  1. Click Create Question.

2. A sidebar will appear where you may

  • Add Question Image

  • Enter the Question

  • Choose the Question Type

  • Choose the Feedback Type

  • Decide the Answer Choice Order

  • Create Answers

3. Click Save Changes when finished.

Slides Management

Your slides have been created. Hooray! Now let’s chat about Settings, Deleting Slides, and Changing the Order of your Slides.

  1. You may click on Settings to input the Activity Time, and add attachments.

2. A pop up window will appear. Enter the time in minutes (optional), and upload attachments if you’d like. Then click Save at the bottom right.

3. Delete a slide by hovering over the right side of the appropriate row. A trash can icon will appear.

A popup window will appear. Click Yes, Delete.

4. To change the order of your slides or questions, hover over the left side of the appropriate row. Click on the six dots that appear to drag and drop.

Great work! Your learners are now ready for a whole new intellectually-stimulating experience. Oh - the places they’ll go!

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