What the Playvox WFM Slack app does:

  • Allows Playvox WFM users to subscribe to certain events happening in Playvox WFM. These events may include:

    • Leave request updates and changes

    • Start of day events

    • Regular status reports

  • When subscribed to these events, they will push out a notification/alert through a Slack bot to the subscribed parties.

How does the Playvox WFM app integrate with Slack?

  • Using Slack’s oAuth scopes, a bot is configured to send messages/notifications based on the above configuration settings. In tech terms, certain events that occur on our side will be sent along a pipeline of sorts to Slack (depending on whether or not a user is subscribed to said event) which will then have the bot send an alert/message based on how it has been configured.

Our privacy policy: Privacy Policy - Playvox

  • Please note our Slack app does not store or access any sensitive user data, it simply sends alerts and messages based on pre-configured events.

Need support? Email us at support@agyletime.com or through your ticketing portal/customer success team.


Add Slack Integration

  1. Click the Settings Cog in the top right corner of the Playvox WFM Menu Bar

  2. Select “Integrations” from the admin menu on the left-hand side of the screen

  3. Click on “Add New

  4. Select Slack from the list of integration platform options and click on “Install

Configure App Integration

  1. Click on “My Integrations” under your profile drop-down menu on the right hand side of the screen

  2. Click on Currently Installed Integrations tab, click on “Configure” for Slack

  • Select “Add to Slack"​

Review the listed permissions and click the "Allow" button to allow the Playvox WFM app to access.

Note: Playvox WFM does not store any personally identifiable information except your agents' first and last names, and agent email addresses.

Submit your Playvox WFM URL and credentials

When the Playvox WFM login page loads, enter your Playvox WFM URL (ie. https://yourcompany.agyletime.io) and your Playvox WFM login credentials (email address & password) where indicated.

​Click "SUBMIT" to submit your Playvox WFM credentials

Note: You will need to update the system role Notification permissions, to enable the roles to add these notifications.

Re-authorize Slack integration

  1. Click on “My Integrations” under your profile drop-down menu

  2. Click on Currently Installed Integrations tab, click on “Configure” for Slack

  3. Click on Re-Authorize for Slack

  4. Click on Allow on the next screen

For more information on this article and to find links to other useful information, please visit: https://support.agyletime.com/hc/en-us/articles/360047053594-Slack-Integration-Setup

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