You can create and assign individuals to Teams on PlayVox. Teams are typically structured to match your current business organization. On PlayVox, teams are organized around a team leader. In fact, agents must be assigned to teams with a team leader in order to participate in quality evaluations and performance campaigns. This team structure is useful and efficient for many activities on the PlayVox platform:

  • Quality programs:  Align teams with specific quality scorecards.

  • Performance Campaigns:  Structure teams that are handling similar customer interactions being measured against the same metrics and goals.

  • Learning Lessons:  Invite inidividuals to take a learning lesson. 

Agents can participate on multiple teams associated with multiple activities.   Team Leaders can be assigned to multiple teams.  

Instructions for creating teams

Click on the platform administrator gear icon in the top right position of the desktop. Click on the “Teams” menu option.

The "Teams Settings" page will open with a list of existing teams. Click on the green plus symbol in the upper right corner of the screen to create a new team.

Provide the required team information. Select a team leader from the drop down list. You must assign a team leader. In fact, you can assign up to 30 leaders. Typically, there is a team leader responsible for day-to-day supervision of team members, a back up team leader available when primary supervisors are on leave, and a manager who may oversee multiple teams and therefore may need access to multiple team quality and performance data.  

Scrolling down the page, you will see a list of agent names in the left column that includes the total active users available to assign to teams. Select All or Select specific agents by checking the boxes to the left of the names. Use the left and right arrows to add names to the new team or remove names. 

Click "Save" when finished.

Instructions for Managing Teams

In order to edit or change members of a team, go to the team settings page, click on Manage to edit team profile information or add / remove agents from the team. 

When finished, click “Save”.

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