PlayVox provides platform Administrators with a complete set of administrator tools for configuring users, applications, and platform settings.  Think of these as program management tools. They include:

User / Team Management. Add, remove, move users. Create and manage teams.
Community Management.  Set platform time zones, default time filters, appearances.
Operational goals. Set operational goals for quality evaluations, coaching sessions and more.
Platform configuration. Configure billing options, security settings, and set up integrations.
Application configurations.
     -Quality - scorecards
     -Performance - campaigns / goals
     -Coaching - feedback templates
     -Learning - create content
     -Recognition - create recognition badges
     -Karma Incentives Store - design / build a catalog of rewards

Typically, there is a limited number of Administrators set up on a site, or platform. Remember, administrators are like program managers.  They have access to all functions including the ability to set and change these platform-wide capabilities.  

Administrator options are accessed from the gear in the upper navigation bar in the top right corner of your screen.  Options are organized by General platform level settings, Application level settings, and Account settings.  Administrators will also find additional configuration and application management settings with the sub-navigation bar for each application.

The screen shot below represents a complete set of Administrator options if all platform capabilities are turned on. Your display may include a sub-set of these options depending on the capabilities you choose to expose to users and your subscription plan. Contact your Customer Success Manager with questions or requests.

Each of these capabilities and configuration options are described in separate articles as listed below. Quality and Performance settings can be found in the Administrator Getting Started Guides. This library for administrators is currently under construction. Not all capabilities may be represented at this time.

Refer to these documents for details:

Community Settings and Privileges: Configure options like time zones, default settings, and more
User management:  Things you need to manage users and teams
Coaching tools and settings:  Options for configuring coaching forms and dashboards
Karma store, Karma points, recognition:  Learn how to configure PlayVox recognition and incentive capabilities

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